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List of Indian Rank August  Current Affairs 2019 for UPSC, PSC, Bank Exams, Civil Services, SSC, RRB and other Competitive Exams.Check updated Rank of Indian in Various IndexesIndia’s rank in World Happiness Report, Global Hunger Index, etc.

Indian Rank 2019

Akshay Kumar Ranked Fourth In Forbes Magazine’s List Of World’s Highest-Grossing Actors Of 2019

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has ranked fourth in Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s highest-grossing actors of 2019 . Akshay has grossed $ 65 million . Hollywood star Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson topped Forbes  list of the 10 highest-grossing actors.

Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s highest-grossing actors of 2019 :
1. Dwayne Johnson ($ 89.4 million)
2. Chris Hemsworth ($ 76.4 million)
3. Robert Downey Jr. ($ 66 million)
4. Akshay Kumar ($ 65 million)
5. Jackie Chan ($ 58 million)
6. Bradley Cooper ($ 57 million)
7. Adam Sandler ($ 57 million)
8. Chris Evans ($ 43.5 million)
9. Paul Rudd ($ 41 million)
10. Will Smith ($ 35 million)
Source: The Hindu

Tarwa Police Station Among The 10 Best Police Stations In India

    • The Tarwa Police Station in Subarnpur district of Odisha has been selected as one of the 10 best police stations in India in the annual ranking of the year 2018 .
    • The certificate of excellence and the credit of a trophy awarded by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, Odisha DGP R.P. Tarawa was given by Sharma to Inspector Dulmani Bhoi.

CM of Odisha: Naveen Patnaik;
Governor of Odisha: Ganeshi Lal.
Source: The Hindu

India 7th Largest Economy In Global GDP Ranking In 2018

    • According to the World Bank, India has fallen to the 7th position in the global GDP rankings in 2018 . In 2017, India emerged as the 6th largest economy.
    • The US remains the top economy in 2018 with a GDP of $ 20.5 trillion . China was the second largest economy with $ 13.6 trillion , while Japan finished third with $ 5 trillion. India’s GDP in 2018 was $ 2.7 trillion, while the UK and France were $ 2.8 trillion.
    • India still remains the fastest growing major economy in the world .
 Important :
President of the World Bank: David Malpas;
Headquarters: Washington DC, USA;
Established: 1944.
Source: The Economic Times

London Is The World’s Best City For Students

    • In the world’s new rankings , London has ranked second and third place in the world as the best city for students for the second year in a row , beating Tokyo and Melbourne , respectively .
    • According to the rankings, India’s best city for students is Bengaluru (81st), followed by Mumbai (85th), Delhi at 113th and Chennai at 115th , 120th overall in the list .
    • The QS Best Student Cities Rankings , compiled by global education consultancy QS Quercurelli Symonds , highlights the performance of each city in different categories.
Source: The Hindu
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